• Ali and I would really like to thank CFCJ Sean for welcoming us as drop ins into his box from Australia, and coach Sharon for being a personable and motivating presence. We both felt like we really got what we came for in a professional and friendly environment. Thankyou too to Allie and Julian for wod-ing out with us, it was really nice to meet you two. Lastly, we would highly recommend this place to drop ins and anyone looking to join a fitness community.

    Peter Rawlings
  • I've never pushed myself harder and had so much fun doing it!

    Megan Horton
  • Amazing coaches, diverse workouts that push you to the limit each time, encouragement from the whole team, and no BS! I've previously struggled to find a community as close as this one. The classes are addicting, people! You won't get a nice butt by sitting on it 🙂

    Rebecca Millman
  • I've procrastinated writing this review, because I didn't want to admit that my time at CFCJ was over. This is where I began my crossfit journey. From the beginning, everybody there was super friendly and helpful. The on-ramp sessions where you learn the fundamentals on lifting and technique were essential. Every coach there, is knowledgeable, skilled and genuinely care about each individual and making sure they do things correct without injury. They push you(hard), but never in a mean or derogatory manner. Every member there encourages you with positivity. Never once did I feel bad for not being able to keep up or did anybody snark or throw shade. The camaraderie is big here. People welcome you into the fold quickly(I miss the "ZOO" crew terribly). I am currently at a new box, the workouts are killer, and the coaches are great also. But the CFCJ vibe and family is something I will miss forever! Sean, Ian, Chris, Jeff, Heather and anybody that I am forgetting, You guys have something VERY SPECIAL there! Keep doing what you are doing and thank you for every bit of it! Ok I'm done now, and a little teary eyed... Lol

    Esteban Zamot
  • My second time @ CrossFit Concrete Jungle! It was incredible the first time, and was even more amazing the second time!! How can something that great get even better? Two words: Sean Wright!! This man and his staff have a unique & special thing going on @ CFCJ! If you haven't taken any classes, please do! "Challenge" is a word thrown around in fitness that often leads to disappointment as it totally falls short of the hype. Sean & Co. deliver the goods and then some! Truly impressive...& I can't wait for next week's class!! Thanks Sean!

    Paul Modell
  • Ok so I LOVVVEE this place. If I lived here this would be my home ! Thanks for the Ass Kicking. See you next time in NYC. Update Oct 5 -8,2016. Still a5 STAR visit. Outstanding ass kicking. Thank you Sean Wright. You're enthusiasm is contagious !!!

    Robyn Moyles