New Bronx Strength Cycle

*New Strength Cycle*
1️⃣Whats changing?
This cycle is switching its focus to a Strength & Volume Block! Conditioning is not going away, in fact the metcons will be shorter and more intense. An extra day of squatting is being added for those booty gains! Thursday’s strength will now be Front Squats, Wednesday’s accessory day is here to stay don’t worry.
2️⃣What should we expect?
Your squat and deadlift will continue to progress and you will get more comfortable moving heavier weight for reps. Your olympic lifting will focus more on barbell conditioning and technique work instead of heavy complexes. The intensity of the metcons will be revved up to maximize the time on certain days, you’ve been warned! Who’s ready for some “Fran Cough”?!
3️⃣How long is this cycle?
This cycle is a nice 10 weeks. With the amount of PRs that happened from our short conditioning cycle we are super excited to see the results that come form this strength block! See you again in 10 weeks!!

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