• Sean Wright Owner/Head Coach

    “Last set is your best set” can be heard from a CrossFit gym or park or any place that Sean finds fit to train his clients and friends. That’s his motto and it works. Sean graduated from Auburn University with a degree in kinesiology. During his college years he was a New York State track champion in 200-300-400 meters, 5 times national champion All American. He ran for Mizuno on the professional circuit for 3 years. He was ranked “Top 20 in the world on 400 meters”.

    In the last 14 years Sean has been working as a personal trainer. He trained three Olympic athletes, one of whom won 2 bronze medals in London. Nowadays he trains TV personalities, celebrities and other clients. During the day he is a trainer for members of a NYC-based hedge fund. Sean has developed an incredible following and his bootcamps and conditioning classes at a neighborhood gym are booked weeks in advance.

    Sean is thrilled to finally have a place of his own where he can create a strong and thriving Crossfit community with happy members and coaches who are healthy, strong and vital, committed to healthy and fulfilled life.


    Training for Warriors

    Crossfit Level 1

    2nd Degree Black belt

  • Serge Previlon Coach

    Growing up as a kid Serge struggled with childhood obesity and bullying. Having low self esteem and lacking confidence this was Serge’s motivation to start working out. SIt-Ups, Push-Ups, and Curls (of course) were part of the daily routine, but it wasn’t until Serge started playing high school recreational sports that he started taking training seriously. Serge’s mother played a big role in helping him on his fitness journey. Educating him on health , wellness , and nutrition. He became so obsessed with performance based training learning what it takes to be the best athlete he can be . Serge started playing  division 3 collegiate basketball for CUNY-Medgar Evers College. He became a gym rat always practicing, hitting the weight room wanting to become bigger , faster , stronger.  Serge’s coaches saw this passion and gave him opportunities to lead and instruct workouts to his teammates. This inspired Serge to become a fitness professional and motivate the athletes all over. ” If you have a body , then you’re an athlete ” is his motto . Ultimately Serge’s goal is to help his athletes achieve their personal best and maintain a functional , healthy lifestyle through strength and conditioning.

  • Edgar Vicioso Coach

    “Easy money!” “All day!” “Light weight!” “Eat the bar!!!” Are just some of the refrains you’ll hear when training with this enthusiastic and motivational coach. Edgar was a promising baseball player in his youth until his love for the arts took over studying voice at Laguardia Highschool for the performing arts  and later studying theatre at Binghamton University. Upon graduation Coach Vicioso fell in love with the “Sweet Science” and studied the art of boxing for many years. He was introduced to crossfit by some extraordinary coaches and was able to combine both methodologies seamlessly in his programming and classes. As he’s aged he got bit by the iron bug and powerlifting is where his passions lie now. You can and will get stronger under his guidance to become unreasonably strong. It just takes honesty, open-mindedness and a willingness to get under that bar. Train hard, be grateful for it and you will succeed.