The real reason we are all here. The meat and (sweet) potatoes of it all. Each class consists of a trainer-lead group warm up, skill or strength work, and the workout of the day (MetCon). The MetCon portion follows the CrossFit philosophy of broad, varied, and intensive training (60 min)


This class is a 60 minutes of interval training focused on strength, endurance and explosiveness. Its not the daily workout. Its not training in general. Everyone sweats; everyone trains. Its the resolve; its the perseverance; It’s being at your breaking point but knowing you can’t quit. Its about keeping your head down and working hard. Grinding hurts. Ready to work? (60 minutes)


A 75-minute session of Corrective Bodybuilding. Its a great class for CrossFitters, Strength Athletes and the average Weekend Warrior looking to change their body composition. The goal is to promote long term durability, improve work capacity and training performance. You will develop a body that looks as good as it performs: lean, muscular, athletic. Come get BUILT! (75 minutes)


Olympic Weightlifting Barbell Club consists of: 1. Dynamic warm-up, and flexibility 2. Skill-Transfer and Skill-Development. Whether you’re training for a competition, new to the lifts and CrossFit, developing your athletic capacity for another sport, or just enjoy the feeling of moving something heavy over-head, this class is for you! (90 minutes)


Competition is great way to test yourself and push your boundaries. Our Competition Training class is for anyone interested in taking their fitness to the next level. In these training session we will step up the pace and you will be pushed. We’ll focus on skills, do Challenge WODS, Team WODS, we may even do multiple WODS to mimic Competition Formats. Whatever it is, warm up and be ready to WOD. (60 minutes) (Exclusive to members)